Monday 22nd September
8:30 Registration & Networking coffee
09:00 Introduction and Welcome to Brazil
Frederic Kachar, CEO Editora Globo & Chairman ANER, Brazil
09:15 Magazine Media Industry Trends and Challenges
Out of FIPP’s World Congress in Rome some 13 key industry trends and issues emerged. This session will look at what they were, and how they are being addressed worldwclasse.

Chris Llewellyn, CEO, FIPP, UK

09:40 Innovations in Magazine Media
Get inspired by some of the most interesting recent innovations in the magazine media world! The editors from Innovation Media Consulting have scoured the industry to compile and present intriguing developments in magazine media.

John Wilpers, Director, Innovation Media Consulting, USA

10:20 Networking Coffee Break
10:50 What Advertising Agencies expect from Magazine Media

Moderator: Frederic Kachar, Chairman ANER & CEO Editora Globo, Brazil

Celso Loducca, President, Loducca, Brazil

Paulo Sérgio Kakinoff, CEO, Gol Linhas Aéreas, Brazil

11:30 Subscriptions – using the internet to sell print and digital

A case study that examines how new digital marketing techniques can successfully sell magazine both print and digital edition subscriptions.

Ricardo Perez, Commercial Subscriptions Director, Editora Abril, Brazil

11:50 Crossing the River: From Print to Digital
How publishers of magazine media companies are managing the inclusion of digital media in their day-to-day operations.

Peter A. Kreisky, Chairman, Kreisky Media Consultancy, USA

12:20 ANER Cover of the Year Award

A good cover is not only one that communicates and sells well, but also one that is indelible in the minds of readers. To celebrate the job of the art editor and the journalists who are involved in the development of magazines covers published by their associated publishers, ANER has been promoting the “Cover of the Year Award” since 2009.
Frederic Kachar, Chairman ANER & CEO Editora Globo, Brazil

Thomaz Souto Corrêa, Vice President of Editorial Committee and Editorial Consultant, Grupo Abril, Brazil

12:40 Networking Lunch
14:00 The Millenium Generation – the Rising Power
The explosive growth of digital media has challenged all of our previous marketing “givens.” Not only have most of the rules been rewritten, the playing field has changed. Because of this revolution and the rise of its revolutionaries— the Millenium Generation—new methods of strategy, production, content, and activation are needed. This session will explore how magazine media groups are addressing this new generation.

Gabriel Klein, Creative Director, VICE Media, Brazil

14:30 How to be successful with E-Commerce.
Magazine media have always been successful at provclassing commercial triggers. Readers say they want to shop while they read. If they like a product, why shouldn’t we make it easy for them to get it? Innovative magazines are curating shopping lists, enabling shopping from within apps or web stories, even directly from the printed page, offering “wish lists” and “payday lists,” and bargain notifications from big-name brands via email.

Daniel Funis, Managing Director, Farfetch Brazil, Brazil


How to make Social Media Work for You
How and why does content go viral? Social Media has become the new starting point for modern media and journalism. This session explains how to make it work for you.

Keith Hernandez, Executive Director, International Sales and Strategy, BuzzFeed, USA


Why Real Time Bclassding and Programmatic Sales are Changing the World of Advertising
By 2017, 83 per cent of US digital display advertising is projected to be programmatic, and no other market will escape this trend. The magazine industry is witnessing “a monumental shift” toward programmatic. What do you need to know to? We’ll tell you
Moderator: Caio Barsotti, Chairman, CENP, Brazil

Chris Kerwin, Head of Publishing, BBC Worldwide, UK

Patrizio Zanatta, Managing Director – Latin America, Rubicon Project, USA

16:00 Networking Coffee Break
16:30 Media brands: the strength of publishers in a world guided by content

The titles (brands) of magazines are legitimizing the content and have the opportunity to work as curators of information in their segments of acting.
This unique differential makes the publishers better positioned entities to lead the new multiplatform media scenario.

Flávio Ferrari, Managing Director, Ipsos MediaCT, Brazil

17:00 From a newspaper business to a magazine business… Or vice versa
Taller de Editores is a Spanish company founded only in 1985.Creating weekly magazines and supplements for newspaper has proved to be a sustainable business model, and with the development of brand extensions it has made for a very profitable editorial company. Learn how journalistic quality together with strong brands, recognized by international advertisers, has been the key to success.

Laura Múgica Codina, Director General, Taller de Editores, Spain

17:20 Closing Remarks
Master of Ceremonies:
Frederic Kachar, Chairman ANER & CEO Editora Globo, Brazil

Networking Drinks
Tuesday 23rd September
08:30 Networking coffee
09:00 Introduction to the Day
Thomaz Souto Corrêa, Vice President of Editorial Committee and Editorial Consultant, Editora Abril, Brazil
09:15 World Digital Media Trends
Welcome to the launch of the 2014 FIPP Report, -The World Digital Media Factbook – a collection of all the trend data that pieces together the world’s digital media and advertising landscapes, illustrating media usage trends on different platforms and how those trends will affect magazine media companies

Martha Stone, CEO, World Newsmedia Network, USA

09:45 The Multitask, Multimedia Journalist

Discover, investigate, search, interview, edit, take pictures, tweet and analyse metrics, always with thoroughness and responsibility. These are only some of the functions that will be required from all journalists whether beginner or veteran. In this session, Sérgio Dávila will explain what are now the vital functions of the professional journalist from Folha de S. Paulo across all their platforms

Sérgio Dávila, Executive Editor, Folha de S. Paulo, Brazil

10:05 How to Re-Think Journalism in the Digital Era

The smartphone is already the preferred device of Brazilians to read news and to consume general information. How do you ensure the best experience for readers and generate revenue in screens of 4, 5, 6 or 10 inches?
In this session you will be presented with tips on how to improve the exposure of your content in digital media.

Newton Neto, Strategic Partnership Manager, Google, Brazil

10:25 Networking Coffee Break
10:55 Native Ad: is it possible to engage the audience through Advertising?

Increasingly, native advertising has become a profitable alternative for publishers. But what does this do to the relationship between the sales department and editorial office which has historically often been conflictual? In this session, panellists from both sides will present their views on this controversial issue. Moderator: José Carlos de Salles Gomes Neto, Grupo M&M

Fernando Taralli, President, VML, Brazil

Oswaldo Ramos, General Marketing Manager, Ford, Brazil

Edgardo Martolio, CEO, Editora Caras, Brasil

11:40 Distributing and Marketing Digital Content
There are the Apples, Amazons and Googles of the world, and there are independent 3rd party newsstands. Some are global, others more local. In the space of three years, publishing for mobile devices has exploded to be at the centre of our universe, audiences are paying for valuable content again, with apps on mobile devices leading the charge. But what are the pricing models and options? And how to exploit multiple opportunities. In this session, we consider the status today, and look at what to expect next

Girish Ramdas, Co-Founder & CEO, Magzter, USA

Nikolay Malyarov, EVP, Chief Content Officer, PressReader, Canada

12:10 Brands and the Challenges of Trust in a Suspicious World
Pyr Marcondes, General Director ProXXima Hub, Grupo M&M, Brazil
12:30 Networking Lunch
14:00 Content Management
Efficient content management is central to every multi-channel media strategy. The standard production process should see media companies creating content once, but deploying everywhere – be it in print, online, tablet or smartphone. Getting this right could be the difference between profit and loss. Learn from the experts who have worked with such blue chip media companies such as Hearst, Bonnier, Marie Claire, Pearson and Lagardere.

Achille Coenegracht, Business Development Manager, Aquafadas, France

Carol Werlé, CEO, Dalim Software, Germany

Bruno Schrappe, Director of Strategy & Innovation, Arizona CrossMedia, Brazil

14:30 Proof of Performance
Magazines have always been able to demonstrate high levels of engagement and an efficient ROI for advertisers. This session will showcase new research from all around the world demonstrating how multi platform magazine brands perform. Cobus Heyl, Marketing Manager, FIPP, UK
15:00 Networking Coffee Break
15:30 The Transformation of Hubert Burda Media
Hubert Burda Media is a German based international media group with offices in across Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia and more recently Brazil. Originally a print company, today it has a portfolio that encompasses 440 print and digital media businesses. It has a turnover of more than 2.6 billion Euros and in the past year has launched more than 60 new products. It sees itself as a ‘company for entrepreneurs‘. Learn how this 100 year old company is transforming itself.

Fabrizio D’Angelo, Managing Director, Burda International, Germany

16:00 The View From The Top
A panel of leading industry CEO’s will address questions on the future of their companies and how they are responding to the issues and opportunities they face.

Moderator: Chris Llewellyn, CEO, FIPP, UK

Fábio Barbosa, CEO, Abril Mídia, Brazil

Jorge Fontevecchia, Co-founder, President & CEO, Editorial Perfil, Argentina

Marcelo Burman, President & CEO, Grupo Cerca, Costa Rica

17:00 Close of Conference
Master of Ceremonies
Chris Llewellyn, CEO, FIPP, UK

Thomaz Souto Corrêa, Vice President of Editorial Committee and Editorial
Consultant, Grupo Abril, Brazil